• Jewelry •

Railyard Art Market - Custom Jewelry by Heike Strobel

Beaded Necklaces, Bracelets & Jewelry

Heike Strobel

Heike Strobel got her education at the Gasteig Academy in Munich, Germany. She was a flight attendant for almost 14 years and did many workshops all over the world. She also collected many beads around the globe – you will find some strange ones in her designs. Her favorite beads are organic beads like Baltic Amber and Sponge Coral. www.heikestrobel.com


Railyard Art Market - Custom Jewelry by Diane Eger

Diane Eger


• Musical instruments •

Railyard Art Market - Musical instruments | Flutes by MurLock | Ann Murray & Ross Lockridge

Flutes by MurLock

Ann Murray & Ross Lockridge

Sculpted Clay vessel flutes (ocarinas, whistles, sweet potatoes…) shaped in animal or human forms have been made for thousands of years in cultures all over the world. The sculptural aspects of our smaller flutes can be reminiscent of the Japanese netsuke. Our flutes range from 5 notes to an octave. We met at the San Francisco Art Institute, moved to the village of Cerrillos, where we have collaborated on many art projects. Acknowledgments: Delia Robinson of Montpelier, Vermont and the late Mildred MacKenzie of Bloomington, Indiana–our teacher-inspirers of the art of the clay flute.


• Aprons •

Button Box Aprons

Deirdre Africa

Always ready for fun, these fabulous aprons are embellished with rick rack and buttons. Also handmade and happy are sets of four cloth napkins and notecards made from apron scraps. Affordable Fancy made by Deirdre Africa in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Come visit Button Box Aprons every Sunday at the Railyard Artisan Market and try one on!
Please visit my website at www.buttonboxaprons.com


• painting & Illustration •

Erika Collins

Art has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember, having inherited a love of art and appreciation of nature, from both sides of my family.

I've worked as an artist, textile designer, and illustrator- using watercolor, pastel, and pen and ink.

Recently I've been focusing on woodcut prints, inspired by nature, and the beautiful places that I've lived.

My art work can be seen in galleries in Hawaii, and in New Mexico.


Hillary Vermont


Heike Strobel

Heike Strobel always wanted to become an artist but her parents wanted her to learn a "real" profession, so she became a nurse. While she was working for many years in the emergency room she went to art school on the weekends and studied art in Munich.

Heike's second career was working as a flight attendant for Lufthansa/German Airlines. During 14 years she was able to take work shops all around the globe, like Japan, China and Argentina.

Finally after immigrating to the United States in 1998 she plugged up enough courage and became what she always wanted to be: a fulltime artist.
Heike now lives and works here in Santa Fe.

Alex Jacobs


• Pottery, & Vessels •

Pottery & Vessels •  Miya Pottery / Miya Endo

Miya Pottery

Miya Endo

Miya is a full-time potter from Dixon, NM, specializing in wheel-thrown
functional stoneware and decorative raku pottery. She balances an Asian
aesthetic with a taste of the southwest to create a unique body of
original work for everyday use and enjoyment. Custom order inquiries are
welcome! www.miyapottery.com


Railyard Art Market - Micaceous Pottery by Judith Raywood

Micaceous Pottery

Lee Onstott


Railyard Art Market - Ceramic Vessels by Marcos Lewis

Ceramic Vessels

MArcos Lewis


• Rattles & Gourds •

Railyard Art Market - Hand-Painted Rattles by Marianne Macres

Hand-Painted Rattles

Marianne Macres


Railyard Art Market - Hand-Painted Gourds by D.C. Arquero

Hand-Painted Gourds

D.C. Arquero


• Glass Works •

Railyard Art Matket - Bob Hazeltine

Hand Blown Glass

Bob Hazeltine


• Photography •

Railyard Art Matket - Alan Price


Alan Price


• Totes & Accessories •

Railyard Art Matket - Erika Eckerstrand

Designs of Erika

Erika Eckerstrand

Designs of Erika Erika Eckerstrand is a Swedish-born Santa Fe artist who marries form and function in all that she creates.

This collection of totes, accessories, and functional housewares is her lastest work. Eckerstrand has transformed hardy materials originally made to withstand the elements into sleek, contemporary pieces that are as practical as they are stylish. A wine rack, viewed as purely functional by many, morphs into sculpture with Erika’s vision and nod to Scandinavian design.
website: http://www.designsoferika.com


• Herbal Body Products •

Organic & Wild Crafted Essential Oil Mists, Herbal Tinctures, Anointing Oils, and Fragrance & Lip Balms

Living Bliss Skin Care & Botanicals
Organic & Natural Whole Body Care Products

francesca Forese

Offering Organic & Wild Crafted Essential Oil Mists, Herbal Tinctures,
Anointing Oils, and Fragrance & Lip Balms

Specializing in Face & Body Cremes, Balms and Beautiful Face Mist
a special blend of 8 therapeutic organic essential oils in a base of Macadamia nut oil. This luscious moisturizing and nourishing mist has a light and refreshing fragrance that will lift your face and your spirit to a higher vibration!
Custom formulas are available. Francesca has been a herbalist for over 20 years.
www.livingblissherbs.com • francesca@livingblissherbs.com • 505-231-5803


Gabriella Silva  - Body Care

Gabriella Silva

• Wearable Art •

Railyard Art Market -Lin Cotrell


Lin Cotrell


Railyard Art Market -Lin Cotrell

Purses by Prissy

Prissy Hamilton


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